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About the Artist 

Ronn has been exhibiting his sculpture in galleries since the early 2000s, and has been represented across the US from New Hampshire to Florida to Arizona.


He was born and raised in Staten Island, NY, and currently resides in Glens Falls, NY with his wife, Stephanie.

In 1989, Ronn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with an Art Emphasis in sculpture /design from State University of New York,  Cortland, NY

Read more about Ronn in the January 2024 edition of  518 Profiles magazine.

Memberships & Affiliations: 

New England Sculptors Association

Lower Adirondack Regional Art Council 

Artist Statement: 

The Phoenix is a mythical bird who, after living a cycle of life, succumbs to flames only to rise again from the ashes. For many, life is similar to that of the Phoenix. Anyone who has been acquainted with a major life change may have been left to feel as though their own existence lie in ashes.  Yet, it is possible to rise again; to experience rebirth physically, mentally, spiritually.  One can flourish after decline to find renewal and rebirth; to experience an awakening of increased clarity and self-awareness.  

Rebirth and renewal, like that of the Phoenix, have inspired my work.  Rebirth, growth and change have always been central to my sculpture.  Influenced by my love of nature, these ideas represent nature’s upward movement; its need to thrive.  The concept of nature is evident in the form and shape of my work; a contrast to the chosen medium of discarded steel, influenced by my urban upbringing. In the spirit of the Phoenix, steel is repurposed; given new life in my sculpture.

My work as an artist began with the medium of glass.  I found myself drawn to incorporate the contrasting forms of steel and glass in order to represent both the strength and the fragility of nature. The origin of my work, glass, breathes new energy and strength into each configuration of steel and preserves the idea that nature is simultaneously strong and fragile. 



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